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Name: Sulasmi
Nickname: Lasmi
Age: 40 years old
TB / BB: 160/65
Status: Single
Education: Elementary School (Primary School)
Origin: Sragen
Javanese ethnic
Can cook:
1. Indonesian food: rendang, opor, curry, curry, balado, rica rica etc.
2.Chinese food: steam fish, steam chicken, baby kailan soya sauce etc.
3. international food: spaghetti duck with red wine, salmon lemon sauce, barbeque, chicken rolls with sweet potato
Can cook for children: soup, vegetable mix fruit juice, banana cake, brownies, ciffon cake etc.
Can cook pork: soy sauce pork, roast pork, bakut soup can speak english
Can ride a motorbike
1. At AIRUD Dormitory, Cilincing for 2 years (1992 – 1994) odd jobs, guard 6th year olds, first child, employer Javanese, Islam, work, no grandparents, no other siblings, no other students, no driver, no dog.
2. In Ciledug for 2 years (1994 – 1996) odd jobs, there were children aged 7, 14, 17th, Javanese employers, Islam, work, no grandparents, no sus, no prt, no driver, no dogs.
3. In Pondok Kopi for 2 years (1996 – 1998) odd jobs, there are children aged 3 & 7 years, employers of Java, Islam, work, not grandparents, no sus, no prt, no driver, no dog
4. In Rorotan, Cilincing for 1 year (1998 – 1999) odd jobs, keep children aged 3, 7 years, 9 years, employer of Bali, Hindu, work, no grandparents, no sus, no prt, no driver , there are no dogs, there are 2 employer’s nieces.
5. In Cakung for 1 year (1999 – 2000) at PT. 802 Garment as Finishing
6. In Malaysia for 2 years (2005 – 2007) as a domestic worker, Malay Chinese employer, Christian, work, no opaoma, no job, no other work, no driver, no dog
7. In Singapore for 4 years (2008 – 2012) odd jobs, grandma aged 70 years, BB 50 kg, healthy, Singaporean Chinese employer, Christian, no other student, no other student, no driver, no dog.
8. On Hong Kong for 4 years (2013 – 2017) is odd, there are children aged 2 years, 4 years, Chinese employers, Christians, work, there is a grandma, no other siblings, no prt, no driver, no dog.and the last experiance in mampang take care baby 5 month and house kipiing cleaning cooking .western servant,famly is consists sir,mom,boy firts child 8 years.there are is anather nanny.
Ready: Beginning in desember.