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Name: sugiyanti
Nickname: yanti
Age: 32 years old
The desired profession: Baby Sitter NB/Balita
TB / BB: 154/55
Status: married
Education: SMK
Have children: have 3 people (ages 8, 7, 3 years old)
Origin: Lampung
Javanese ethnic
Can cook:
1. Indonesia food: opor, curry, rendang, curry, rica rica, balado, stews, pepes, tamarind vegetables, vegetable soup, lodeh, chicken spices, yellow spices, serundeng chicken, etc.
2. Chinese food
Can speaking in english
Can cook pork: pork oyster sauce, sauteed vegetables with pork, pork rib soup, pork soup, roast pork etc.
Can ride a motorbike
Not afraid of dogs
he is patient, dear child, honest, still want to learn again rehearsal, well, it’s normal to take care of the child’s room, wash rub bju ank, clean the room, sterile bottles, toys, stroller, bathe the child, teach children calistung, alphabet, numbers, family and train children to be independent politeness, attitude. help help with homework as well
Work experience :
1. In Singapore for – / + 1 year, as a maid, an Indian employer, Hindu, there is no other nanny, there is another domestic maid, there is a driver 1 person, no dog, there are 6 family members (mom, sir, 3 children, son-in-law ), clean, clean, cook
2. In Malaysia as long as – / + 3 yrs as a maid, Chinese employer, buddha, no another nanny, no another maid, no driver, there is a big dog, there are 2 family members (mom, sir), help make jewelry accesories like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings
3. In Bekasi for – / + 1 year take care of child aged 6 years, 2nd child, Javanese employer, Islam, no other nanny, no maid, no driver, no dog, cook, clean, clean too
4. In Lampung during – / + 1 year as a maid, employer of Batak, Islam, there have other nanny, there is no maid, there is no driver, there is a big dog
5. In Lampung during – / + 1 year of care for children aged 6 months, 2nd child, employer of Batak, Christian, work, there is another nanny for the brother, there is no other maid, there is no driver, there is a big dog, there is an grandpa
6. In your own area, take care of newborn babies for 1 year, no grandma grandpa, islam.

READY September 23, 2018