Sri Wahyuni




Name: Sri wahyuni

Nickname: Sri / yuni

Age: 40

TB / BB: 160/58


Status: married

Education: junior high school

Have Children: 2 (20 and 15 years)

Origin : Kudus

Ethnic : Java

Can you cook anything:

1. Indonesian food: sour vegetables, soto, lodeh, opor, curry, rendang, vegetable soup, fried fish, yellow seasoned chicken, galangal spice chicken, grilled fish, stir fry, stews, etc.

2. Arabian food: arabic rice .kabsah briyani.makaroni

Can speak English, Malay and Arabic

Can not cook pork but want to learn

Can’t ride a motorcycle

Afraid of big and small dogs

Ready paspor


1. In Saudi Arabia for 3 years, caregivers of children with disabilities in the hospital are in charge of bathing, giving medicine, delivering therapy to the clinic, accompanying playing and learning.

2. In Dubai for 4 years, foster 2 child  aged 10 months (2nd child) and 2 years old (1 st child ), Arabic-british employer , work, no grandma grandpa, no other nanyy, no maid, no driver, there is no dog, help get things done and cook.

3. In Singapore for – / + 1 year foster children aged 5 yrs – 6 yrs with weight 15 kg, single child, Chinese Malay employer , work, there is an grandma, there is an employer’s sister, no nanny, no maid, no driver, no dog.

Mba Sri come from kudus is a good person, patient, dear child, still want to learn more rehearsal, sorted out children’s room, wash clothes, sterile bottles, toys, stroller, bathe children, teach children , alphabet, numbers, family and train children to be independent and have manners. Can cook for children: porridge with vegetable, team rice, steam fish, steam eggs, pudding, vegetable soup etc.