Rosi Dwiyanti




Name : Rosi Dwiyanti
Nick Name : Rosi
Age : 32 years old
Height / weight : 145/40
Religion : Islam
Status : Married
Last Education : Senior high school
Have a child : 2 children ( 7 years old and 4 years old )
Come From : Bogor
Ethnic : Sunda
Indonesian food: chicken soup, french fries, tamarind vegetable, chicken spices(homy food),etc
Can speak : English
Can’t cooking pork but want to learn and using glove
Can’t riding motorcycle
Scare of dog
1. Bogor, 4 years as a private english teacher at his home for elementary school – senior high school
2. Jakarta for 1 year,take care of children aged 1.5 years old – 2.5 years old, 2nd child, employer of Java, Islam, they are working, there have no grandma, no other nurse, nomaid, have a driver, no dog , there are 4 family members (mommy, daddy, and 2 children)
3. Bogor – / + 1 year take care of children aged 4 years old , first child, Chinese employer, Islam, daddy working as a lawyer and mommy stay home , there is have grandma, there is another nurse, there is a maid, there is no driver, no dog, there are 5 family members (oma, daddy, mommy, 2 children)