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Name: Roliyah

Nickname: Roly

Age: 30 years old

TTL: Banyumas August 30, 1988

Tb / Bb: 153 cm / 45cm


Status: Single

Education: Middle School

Got a child: Not yet

Origin: Banyumas -Jateng

Tribe: Central Java

Profession: Homecare / Baby / take care eldery

can cook archipelago & chinese

can cook pork

Can speak in englisn, mandarin for litle bit cantons

Can Ride a Motorcycle

Not afraid of dogs and really like dogs


1. In Taiwan 3th as a factory employee in the manufacture of nails and bolts. There is a mess while working properly

2. In Hong Kong 1 year keep twins baby 5 months old girl boy first child BB 4kg (history of premature) australian hongkong employer, there is oma opa, there is a dog 9, there is ART work mother father, nuclear family 6 employers move to macau work take care oma for more than a year taking care of a stroke illness aged 83th bedrest BB 60kg TB 160 cm, was not installed medical devices but routine therapist went to the hospital

3. In Taiwan cosyung + – 1year take care oma age 89th BB 70kg TB 160cm can walk just accompanied by routine therapist stroke and acupuncture, nuclear family 2 people only oma and madam.

Mba roly  from Banyumas, a Javanese, has worked overseas, is friendly, polite and gentle. Usually keeping parents sick and caring for babies aged 5 months and over. it is usual to work a household shopping at a supermarket, Can cook Chinese food, can speak English and Mandarin.