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Name: Musriyah
Nickname: sri
Age: 37 years old
The desired profession: New born BS
TB / BB: 146/55
Status: widow
Education: junior high school
Have Children: 2 (age 10 years and 3 years)
Origin: Tegal
Javanese ethnic
Can you cook anything:
1. Indonesian food: opor, curry, rendang, stew, balado, rica, pepes, tamarind vegetables, vegetable soup, lodeh vegetables, chicken / fried fish, yellow seasoned chicken, serundeng chicken, creme chicken etc.
2. Chinese Food: simple chinese food
3. International food: bolognase, spaghetti, lasagna
4. Arabic food: basamil, kapsah, bryani
English and Arabic
Can cook pork: pork soup, black pepper pork, barbeque pork
Can ride a motorbike
Not afraid of dogs
1. In Saudi Arabia for 3 years, take care of children aged 6 months – 3, 5 years, 3rd child, native Arabian employer, Islam, no opera, work, no other parents, no other students, no there is a dog
2. In Dubai for 3 years, foster children aged 6 months – 3.5 years, 3rd child, England employer, Muslim, daddy work mommy stay home, no Oma opa, no other nurse, no other staff, no there is a driver, no dog
3. In PIK for 5 years foster children aged 6 months – 2.5 years, first child, relayed to new born – 2, 5 year old sister, Chinese employer, Hindu, work, there was an opa, there was another nurse 1 person, there is prt 2 org, there are 2 people, no dogs
READY outside the office