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Full Name: Darsiti
Nickname: Siti
Age: 35
Status: Singgle
Education: Middle School
Origin: Purwokerto, JATENG
TB / BB: 151/48
Fear of dogs
Can be Cantonese / Mandarin
Can cook pork
Can’t ride a motorbike
Can cook, mop, and other homework.
Experience :
1. Malaysia 4 years keep 2 children 5 years old & 7 years old, every day join the employer to the bridal shop. The Chinese employer, the employer working, doesn’t have grandma grandpa, heve maid, no driver, no dog.

2. Singapore 2 years, keep 2 children & 1 baby newborn, not cooking, Chinese employers, parent’s working, haven’t grandma grandpa, work half a day, there’s no dogs, there’s no maid

3. Hong Kong, 6 years old grandmother 82 years old but still healthy. The Chinese employer, the mother, doesn’t have a father, 1 child is already in college and there isn’t a dog, have a maid.