Yuli Yana


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Name: Yuli Yana
Nickname: Yuli
Age: 34 years old
Status: married
Have children: 1 (age 15 years)
The desired profession: baby sitter (2 years up)
TB / BB: 155/40
There are brothers in Jakarta: there are (big brother in the area)
Last education: junior high school
Fear of dogs
Can ride a motorbike but not brave in a big way
Can’t cook pork
Javanese ethnic
Origin: Lampung
Yes english
can cook Indonesian food:
1.kari, opor, fried rice, asem vegetables, lodeh vegetables, chicken / fried fish, pepes, balado, etc.
2. Chinese food
Can not cook pork but want to learn
can cook food for babies: steam fish, steam eggs, porridge, team rice, soup, pudding.
The last salary: 3,300,000
Ms. Yuli is a kind, friendly and accommodating person. Do not choose to choose work, and are responsible for the work. Usually take care of the needs of the child / elderly, ranging from bathing, accompanying playing, learning calistung, alphabetically, singing, drawing etc. can help clean the house clean, sweep, wash and also cook.
1. In Singapore for 2 years (2010 – 2012), keep oma aged 52 years, TB / BB 155/45, post breast cancer surgery, no medical devices, not cook for oma, Malay Chinese employer, Buddhist, no other , there is no domestic worker, no driver, no dog, not cooked
2. In Singapore for 4 years (2012-2016), fostering 2 childrens, the aged are 4 years and 6 years, Vietnamese employers, Buddhist, work, there is no parents, there is no nurse, no housemaid, no drivers, no dogs , cook
3. In Singapore for 1 year foster care (2016 – 2017) children aged 7 months twins, employers Australia Australia, Christian, daddy work, mommy stay home, no oma opa, no other nurse, no driver, no dog, not ripe