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Name : Watini
Nick Name : Wati
Age : 33 years old
Religion : Muslim
Height / weight : 157cm /67 kg
Last Education : primary school
Comfrom : Cilacap
Ethnic : Java
Status : widow
Have one children : 12 years old
Can speak English and Cantonese
Can cooking :
1. Indonesian food : opor, kari, rendang, sayur asem, sayur sop, sayur lodeh, balado, semur, etc
2. Chinese Food : steam fish, steam chicken, chinese soup etc
3. Western Food : salad, grilled chicken, grilled lamb etc
Can cooking pork : pork soup, barbeque pork, soysauce pork,
Sus Watini good Person, good working, dicipline, resposibility, have lots experience, hard working, can take care baby new born, love kid’s, can clear up the house and cooking.
Sus Wati exs Singapore and hongkong, ex. 17 years.
1. Bukit panjang, singapore 2 yeasr take car two kind’s (Baby new born) until two years old and 3 years until 5 years old, help cooking, cleaning, chinese employer, moslem, the employer’s working, there are have grandma, no grandpa, no maid, no other nurse , no dog.
2. Causeway Bay Hongkong, 2 years domestic helper, cooking, cleaning, no kids, no grand mother or grand father, France employers, christian, sir working and madam stay at home, no another maid, no dog.
3. Hung Ham Hongkong, 2 years take care 7 years old until 9 years old. Cooking, Cleaning, American – chinese employers, christian, they are working,there are have grandma grandpa, no another maid, no nurse, no driver, no dog.
4. Hung Ham, Hongkong, 2 years tak care 3 kids ( 5 years old until 7 years old, 7 years old until 9 years old and 15 years ) Cooking, cleaning, Korean employers, christian, they are working, there haven’t grandma grandpa, no maid, no other nurse, no dog.
5. Sham Shui Po Hongkong, 4 years take care kids 7 years old, chinese employer, single parent, working, no grandma and grandfa,no other maid, no other nurse, no dog, cleaning, cooking.
6. Sek Kip Mei Hongkong, 5 Years, Take Care 9 Years old kids until 14 years old, chinese employer single parents , working,no grand mother or grand father. Cleaning. Cooking
7. Tangerang,-/+ 1 years, take care of twins 6 years old, chinese –java employers, moslem, daddy working mommy stay home, there haven’t no grandma grandpa, have 3 others nurse, have 1 maid, have a driver, there’s no dog
8. PIK -/+ 1 years take care of 2 child ( 6 years old and 7 years old ), chinese employers, christian, daddy working, mommy stay home, there haven’t grandma grandpa, have a maid, have a driver, no dog