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Name: sumyati

Nickname: yati

Age: 22 years old

TB / BB: 163/55


Status: single

Education: junior high school

Origin: brebes

Javanese ethnic

Can language: Indonesian, English

Can ride a motorbike

Can cook:

1. Indonesian food: opor, curry, rendang, curry, rica, balado, tamarind vegetable, vegetable soup, chicken / fried fish, pepes, galangal fried chicken, yellow fried chicken, etc

2. Chinese food:

3. Internation food: spaghetti, macaroni, fetuccini, lasagna

Can cook pork: soy sauce pork, roasted pork, bakut soup, sauteed vegetables with pork

Can cook for children: steam fish, steam eggs, porridge, corn soup, chicken soup, pudding, juice

Mba Yati the person is patient, dear child, honest, still want to learn again rehearsal, good, it’s normal to take care of the child’s room, wash rub bju ank, clean the room, sterile bottles, toys, stroller, bathe the child, teach children calistung, alphabet, numbers, family and train children to be independent politeness, attitude


1. In Jakarta for 2 years, foster children aged 4 yrs – 6 yrs, first child, jasun employer, Islam, work, no opaoma, no other nurse, no PP, no driver, no dog

2. In Kalimalang for 3 years, fostering children aged 2 yrs – 5 yrs, first child, employer of Batak, Christian, work, no oma opa, no other nurse, no prt, no driver, no dog.

3. In Bogor for 1 year upbringing 4 yrs – 5 yrs, 5th child, jasun employer, islam, father worked mother at home, there was no oma opa, there was another nurse 5 people, there was prt 2 org, there were drivers 2 people no dog

4. In Singapore for 2 years as a domestic worker, Chinese employer, Buddhist, work, mistress at home, there is no sus, there are 2 people, there is no driver, no dog

READY DATE September 10, 2018