Name: Rohati
Call: Hati
Age: 40 years old
Religion Moeslem
Tall/ weight 150 cm /60 kg
Status: Married and Have 1 children
Latest Education: Junior High School
Origin: banjarnegara (Central Java)
Not afraid of dogs
Can’t ride a motorcycle
Hati of the person is good, diligent and initiative. responsible for working, hardworking, can speak English a little, Able to speak Mandarin also speak Cantonese. Hati can cook Chines foods and Indonesian food. Hati have experience before at Taiwan and Hongkong. Hati work experience, including:
1. Bogor for 4 years, caring for newborn until the age of 3 years, help households too, no other housemaid and work alone. Chinese employer.
2. Brass Somerset taje care child 1.8 years, as a cook, clean the house , Chinese employer, Mandarin, there is oma opa, no dog and no others housemaid/worker.
3. fongyuen Taiwan for 3 years, as a hosemaid clean the house, there is an opa oma at home still healthy.
4. Hong Kong squatting for 4 years as a clean sheet and cooking, there are dogs at home.
5. Hong Kong Hong Kong for 4 years as a clean and cooked product, and takes care of the dog (bathing, eating and drinking, cutting dog hair too)
Ready waiting out office