Lina Supriana


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Sure Name : Lina Supriana

Nickname : Lina

Age : 36 years old

Religion : Islam

Status : Engaged

TB : 152 cm

BB : 72 kg

Latest education : Highschool

have 3 kids already grow up

Origine : Sundanese

The disired profession : Babysitter

Mastering language : Indonesia,English ,Arabic

Courses : English,computer,beauty salon

Can driving car but not yet have driving lisence

Can swimming

No afraid of dogs

Only cooking beef ,fish and chicken

-Italian food : spaghetti,pizza,lasagna

-English breakfast

Indonesian food : Chicken soup,fried chicken,capcay

Sus Lina from Sukabumi West Java

Graduated from highschool in Sukabumi but also take  courses of english ,computer basic, and beauty parlour

Studied and have training goverment competence babysitter qualified at Citra Mandiri nurse foundation

Sus Lina person is gentle,capable,and good,diligent,obedient and responsible for work

Love children and fuss with children

Can look after the children also for their meal

Experiences include :

1. Working at beauty salon as an assistant beautician

2. Sales promotion/Brand ambasador of one of brand cosmetic Rivera

3. Working Abroad overseas domestic worker in Saudi Arabia as an assistant beutician for 2 years

4. working Abroad at Saudi Arabia as a babysitter for 7 year for look after 3 years old kids there was 5 house maid

5. Working Abroad in London United Kingdom for 1,5 year as a home care for look  after one lady 75 years living in the lady was not very sick just companion because she’s living alone at home

6. At weekends get parttime job for lookafter 2 kids in London

7. working in Jakarta for look after 1 kids 6 years old at Singapore family