Lenny Susiyani


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Name : Lenni Susiyani
Nickname : Leny
Age : 27 years old
TB / BB : 151/58
Religian : Islam
Status : married
Education : primary school
Don’t have children
Origin : Brebes
Javanese ethnic
Can cook:
1. Indonesian food: opor, curry, rendang, stews, balado, tamarind vegetables, vegetable soup, pepes, grilled fish / chicken, fried fish / chicken, fried chicken, galangal fried chicken, yellow seasoned chicken etc.
2. Chinese food: capcay, fuyunghai, steam fish, steam egg, chau tofu, steam chicken etc.
Can speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese (understand if people speak but can’t say)
can cook pork: pork soup, pork stew, stir-fried vegetables with pork slice
Can ride a motorcycle
Affraid of big dog not to small dog
1. In Singapore about 3 years, take care of elderly 85 years old,TB/BB 155/55, total stroke, bedrest, no medical devices, Chinese employer, there’s no another nanny, no maid, no driver, no dog
2. In Malaysia 4, take care of children 2- 6 years old, Chinese employer, budhism, work, no another nanny, there’s no maid, no driver, no dog
3 in mampang for 1year take care eldery grandma aged 56 yo, TB 160 cm BB 58KG, with diagnosis amnesia, chinese employer, kristian, no dog, there is grandpa, there is maid 3, partnert 3,
4. In Bintaro for 1 year, take care eldery grandpa aged 75 years old, TB / BB 175/82, heart disease, cholesterol, swelling of the stomch, Chinese employer, Islam, there is no other nanny, there is a maid and she come once a week, there is no driver, no dog