Emi Yulianti




Name : emi yulianti
Nickname : emi
Age : 40 years old
Religion : Islam
Status : widow
Have children : 3 (age 18,15,3y)
Desired profession: Take care Baby Newborn/ Take care Elderly/ Chef
TB / BB : 156/58
Last education : senior high school
No fear of dogs
Can ride a motorcycle
Can cook pork
come from : Lampung
can speak mandarin
Sus Emi used to help oma / opa to remind her to take medicine, accompanying therapy, can cook chinese food: paiku soup, steam fish, pak che cautanchesteam egg fish, pork soy sauce, bakut soup, etc.
1. Pulogadung for 5 years, at PT. Tunas Sukses (leather gloves) part of the sewing operator, tasked with sewing gloves that will be marketed before going to the finishing section.
2. Taiwan for 8 years from 2007-2014, take care of elderly 70th BB 65kg, stroke, eat and drunk using a hose ( NGT ), using diapers, Taiwan employers, atheists, no other maid, no drivers, no dogs, help bathe, replace diapers, help nurse suck phlegm, help therapy
3. Cilincing, Jakarta Utara for 2 years from 2017-2018 at PT. Gunung Abadi (garment) as a sewing operator, sewing clothes, pants before entering other process.
4. In own area, take care of baby newborn until 3 years old, first children, sundanese employer, moslem, while working at home, there are no grandma grandpa.
5. Menteng, a Chinese company as a chef and office girl, cleaning offices and staff dormitories, go to the market, Chinese employers,have 7 staff, weekend off