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Name: Dasih
Nickname: Daisy
Age: 36 years old
Religion: Protestant Christianity
Status: married
The desired profession: baby sitter
TB / BB: 142/43
There are no brothers in Jakarta
Don’t have children
Javanese ethnic
Origin: wonogiri, Central Java
Mastering language: English and Malay
Latest education: Royal Institute of London in Sri Lanka, majoring in graphic design and English (certificated)
Not afraid of dogs
Can’t ride a motorbike
Can cook pork: Grilled pork, soy sauce pork, pork soup, stir-fried vegetables with pork slice etc
Can cook:
– Indonesian cuisine: rendang, opor, soto ayam, balado, sayur asem, sayur sop, etc.
– Chinese food: capcay, fried kwetiauw, ginger chicken, chicken soup, fried salmon etc
– Western food: pizza, lasagna, pasta, barbecue chicken, etc.
Sus Daisy, from Wonogiri, graduated from junior high school but later was schooled by an employer in Sri Lanka. sus the daisy person is gentle, capable and good, diligent, obedient and responsible for work. love children and fuss with children. Can cook, wash, mop and shop at the market, pick up school children, can take care of all children’s needs.
Experiences include:
1. In Bogor for 1 year as a baby sitter caring for a 1 year old toddler, a native Chinese, Catholic, work employer, there are 3 nurses, there is no maid, the one who takes care of his brother, the other nurse takes care of the child while clean, no grandma grandpa, there are 3 drivers, no dog
2. In Karawaci for 1 year of care for children aged 1 year – 2 years, Malay Chinese employer, Protestant, Daddy worked mommy stay home, there were no nurse, there was maid, no grandma grandpa, there was a driver, there was a dog
3. In Central Jakarta during – / + 1 year caring for toddlers aged 1 year – 2 years, clean houses, Japan, Catholic, work, there are other children, there is 1 domestic worker, no grandma grandpa, no dog, there is a driver
4. In Karawaci during 4thn
5. In Malaysia for -/+ 15 years working as odd jobs, still at the same employer with no. 4 cleaning experience, go to market, cooking, there are 2 domestic workers in other indo
5. In Malaysia for 6 years as a haircut, all kinds of pets are also sale girls. And manage salons, native British employers, Protestants, live alone in the mess.
6. In Kemang for 1 year, South Jakarta as a nurse takes care of 3 children aged 3th, 6th and 9th for -/+ 1 year, Korean employer, Protestant, there is a baby sitter 2 people, there is 1 other domestic worker, no dog, no grandma grandpa ,there is a driver