Arlena Indriasari




Name : Arlena Indriasari
Nick Name : lena (Lina)
Age : 25 years old
Desired Profession : Baby sitter for 1 years old up
Weight/ Height : 150/52
Religion : Christian
Status : single
Last education : junior high school
Come From : cilacap
Ethnic : Java
Can cook:
1. Indonesia food: opor, curry, rendang, balado, stews, tamarind vegetables, vegetable soup,
2 chinese food: steam fish, steam chicken, sauteed vegetables with garlic
Can speak English and Mandarin
Can cook pork: pork soup, soy sauce pork, roast pork.
Can ride a motorbike
Not afraid of dogs
1. Singapore for 6 years as a take care of children aged 3 – 9 years, 2nd child, Chinese employer, Buddhism,the employers is work, there is an grandma and grandpa, no other nurse, no maid, no driver, no dog, help cleaning the home, help cooking too
2. Singapore for 2 years take care grandma age 87 weight 50kg height 155cm, still able to walk, hypertension, cholesterol, using diapers, Chinese employer, buddhism, no other nurse, no maid, no driver, no dog, there are 6 family members (oma, child 2, son-in-law 2 and grandchild), help cleaning the home, cooking
3. Summer set, Kuningan for – / + 1 years, oddly there are 2.5 year olds, first child, Chinese employer, buddhism,the employers is work, there is grandma grandpa, no other nurse, no maid, no driver, there are no dogs, there are 5 family members (mother, father, grandma, grandpa, 1 child)

Ready outside the office